Manka Boutique Pop Festival 2016

Tallinn, Estonia

On 15-16 July, the 11th Manka Boutique Pop Festival will be held in Tallinn treating the audience to an excellent selection of very diverse music styles.

This year’s Manka Boutique Pop Festival will be held in cooperation with the Tallinn Maritime Days at the Seaplane Harbour and in the inner courtyard of the Art Museum KUMU. Daytime concerts are free, while the music performed on the night stage at the club Von Krahl in the Old Town is at a
symbolic price.

Performers :
Russia: four bands from Russia shall perform at the festival including Multfilmy (90s, MTV, Britpop, St Petersburg), Prepinaki (90s, bossa nova and Madchester, unbearable positivity, Alexander Lushin), Gromyka - the new kitsch rock stars, and Palms On Fire - an Indie pop band from Izhevsk holding an American contract.
Belarus: Cassiopeia – the famous avant-garde Electropop band, utterly unique, no tags would be of any use. The shows of the band are known for their unpredictability. The band released a new album this year.
Finland: The essence of Rock music from Fate Vs. Free Willy. Alternative Country music by the Phenomenal Creature.
Germany: the artist and producer Summin aka Sasha Drive, previous inhabitant of Tallinn presently living and working in Berlin. The artist will perform a live dance act.
Estonia: El Bacalao Fabuloso (a metal band from Tartu playing Flamenco music), Cube-A (Ska, spring and copper pipes, Tartu), Laika Virgin (Electro dance, Indie rock), Tovarish Astronom (young Post-punk), Shak (these guys were playing already in 1985), Lüki Prihoda (psychedelic hip-hop), Tam i Tut (the famous poetic rock project from Narva), CTCR (Beat music).

Come along and bring your families!

The Festival is sponsored by the City of Tallinn and the Fund of Estonian Cultural Capital.

You can also support the performances of foreign artists. The more detailed information is on the Festival’s homepage and on Facebook.